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I understand what needs to happen<br />
when there has been a car accident,<br />
someone has been injured, and needs compensation<br />
for their injuries and medical expenses.
I understand what needs to happen
when there has been a car accident,
someone has been injured, and needs compensation
for their injuries and medical expenses.

Presented by Attorney Robert W. Shute, Personal Injury Lawyer

Automobile / car accidents – now officially known as “car crashes” – and other motor vehicle accidents (collisions involving SUVs, minivans, pick up trucks, motorcycles), set off a unique chain of events under Massachusetts law. As a Chicopee and Northampton car accident lawyer, I understand what needs to happen when there has been a car accident, someone has been injured, and needs compensation for their injuries and medical expenses.

Massachusetts law requires that you have at least a certain minimum amount of car insurance. When you buy your car insurance policy, ask for advice from your agent or insurance company about additional insurance, including coverage to protect you in case you are injured by someone who does not have enough insurance or if you happen to injure someone else.

Sometimes the other driver in an accident is guilty of negligence or recklessness, and there is liability that should result in a compensation settlement for you – covering monetary damages for pain or suffering, lost wages, and reasonable (current and foreseeable future) medical expenses. So there are both “actual damages” – such as medical treatment costs – and “moral damages” covering an accident’s trauma and the retribution for liability.

Such negligence – which could result in minor injury, incapacitation, or even death – can take many forms such as failure to signal a turn correctly or observe the speed limit or obey a traffic signal such as a stop sign. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is another potential form of delinquency. And now with the prevalence of cell phones and “smart” phones, messaging, texting, and mere distracting conversation can become highly dangerous factors. Even fiddling with the car stereo or one’s ipod or MP3 player could yield deadly results.

Liability may even apply to road designers or builders if there are structural or traffic-flow flaws responsible for an accident, such as badly designed highway entrances or exits, road obstructions, confusing or partially concealed signs, or inadequate lighting.

Injuries from car crashes take myriad forms. Whiplash is probably the best-known single grievance, but other types of spine, spinal cord, and neck injuries are common, as are concussions and other harm to the head, skull, and brain. Broken bones can occur: legs, arms, knees, ankles, etc. Other harsh possibilities include punctured lungs, severed limbs, internal bleeding, and organ injuries. Accident injuries can be tricky to diagnose because symptoms don’t appear for several days, until the effect of the endorphins wears off.

In Massachusetts, Personal Injury Protection covers a mere $2,000 of medical expenses, though it can sometimes cover as much as $8,000, but even this is generally far short of actual medical costs and value of lost wages. Injured parties must be prepared to fight for what they’re owed, and to beware of quick cash settlements offered by insurance companies.

No matter what the stage of your claim, you are welcome to call and discuss it with me. Whether you or a loved one were a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or bystander, and whether your accident involved a compact car, sedan, SUV, minivan, motorcycle, light truck, tractor-trailer, or any other type of vehicle, I offer a free introductory consultation where I can evaluate your situation and discuss possible options. At the Law Office of Robert W. Shute, you will benefit from over 25 years of legal experience in Western Massachusetts. My expertise is focused specifically on personal injury law, and I will ensure that you obtain what you deserve in negotiations or trial proceedings.

Make sure you have an experienced car-accident lawyer representing your interests when dealing with other drivers, family members, the police, insurance companies, or any other entities. Call now and we can set up a meeting either at my office in downtown Chicopee, MA, or if mobility is an issue for you, at your home, a hospital, or other convalescent facility. Please contact me through this website or simply call 413-592-0999.

And please always remember, defensive driving has never been more important – and your seatbelt and other safety equipment are your best defenses.